The Media Studies Program at Pomona College offers a liberal arts approach to the formal study of various kinds of media: film, video, television, print and broadcast journalism, the Internet and other electronic means of communication.

The program emphasizes the application of Media Studies theory and analysis to a range of courses in other disciplines–history, politics, computer science, English, art history, etc.–and it provides a venue for the study of the connections between new forms of media and the traditional arts, such as music, theatre, dance, photography and painting.

Media Studies is a rapidly developing field of study, and the range of materials and technologies with which it is concerned keeps growing. The program offers a wide variety of courses, and the onus is on the student major to negotiate the proper balance between breadth of exposure and depth of focus.

The Media Studies Program at Pomona College works cooperatively with students and faculty at the other Claremont Colleges through the Intercollegiate Media Studies program, a collaboration that helps expand the range of course offerings and media resources. Pooling such resources, the five undergraduate colleges can broaden the experiences for Media Studies majors by offering lecture series, diverse technologies and distinct approaches to the study of the media.

Students can also take advantage of Claremont’s proximity to the media-rich resources of Los Angeles by way of close contacts with film, television and computer-based industries. Media Studies majors are also encouraged to study abroad, and may contact Pomona’s Study Abroad Office for a list of Media Studies courses in other countries.

Pomona College offers abundant opportunities for hands-on learning in Media Studies. Off-campus internships are readily available throughout the Los Angeles region. At Pomona, the student organization Studio 47 provides students with opportunities to learn all phases of video production. Information Technology Services, the computing center at Pomona College, offers a multi-media lab and a series of workshops and provides expertise in the ever-expanding list of computer programs available to students. The Brian Stonehill Media Studies Library houses a growing collection of videos and books that may be checked out by students, and the Pacific Basin Institute (PBI) at Pomona College owns an extensive archive of Asia-related media materials that are available to students as well.  The Pomona Media Guild weds theory and praxis to provide structured  training in innovative production that is applicable to all fields of research and available to students across the College.

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