The Eckstein Symposium in Media Studies

Thanks to the generous support of Paul F. Eckstein ’62 and Florence O. Eckstein, the Department of Media Studies hosts the semiannual Eckstein Symposium in Media Studies. Held every one or two years over one or more days, the Eckstein Symposium provides an intimate forum for an extended engagement at the forefront of research in Media Studies.  The Eckstein Symposium gathers scholars who are leaders in their field—regionally, nationally, and internationally—with the goal of pursuing a unique topic, selected for its ability to expand theoretical knowledge in the study of media.  Especially in an era valuing quick conversation that risks superficial outcomes, the Eckstein Symposium is committed to a careful, nuanced, yet still dynamic engagement with media theory and to an experimental unfolding of thoughts, ideas, and theories critical for media studies today .  Undergraduates in Media Studies participate in the Symposium, usually after a semester of preparation, and have the opportunity to both witness and join in on the creation and assessment of some of the most advanced work in their field.

The Eckstein Symposium draws its support from the Eckstein Fund.   This fund was established in May 2010 by Paul F. Eckstein ’62 and Florence O. Eckstein because of their interest in and commitment to the growth of the Media Studies Department.  The Ecksteins have also provided leadership support to another fund that benefits the Department, the Brian Stonehill Memorial Fund for Media Studies.