Screening of Peter Bo Rappmund’s Psychohydrography, 7:30 PM, 11 April 2012

Screening of Peter Bo Rappmund, Psychohydorgraphy, 2010, 63 mins.

What does our region look like? What does it sound like? Young digital filmmaker Peter Bo Rappmund will join the newly formed Pomona Media Guild in Rose Hills Theatre at 7:30 on Wednesday 11 April for a screening and discussion of his acclaimed 2010 time-lapse film Psychohydrography. Described by esteemed LA filmmaker Thom Anderson as “electronic Rothko,” the film traces the Los Angeles River from its stunning Sierra Nevada origins to its desultory arrival at Long Beach’s sea. Village Voice critic Nick Pinkerton describes the film this way: “The images are all still frames, ruffled only by blurred traffic, stirring wind, and the rush of water, often rendered icy by stop-motion effects. Rappmund reveals wavering alternate universes within reflections, lapidary glitter and spectrogram patterns on viscous water, arid landscapes striated by California haze, and the lurid colors of industry by night.” Mr. Rappmund will also describe his new project, Tectonics, which traces the US -Mexico border from the Caribbean to El Paso. Supported by the Department of Media Studies, the Pomona Media Guild, and a Pomona College Wig Curricular Development Grant.

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